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A New Fun Song released called “Ratchet Type” by Gawd Bambi

Image: A New Fun Song released called “Ratchet Type” by Gawd Bambi

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Tamieshia Robinson, known to her fans as Gawd Bambi or simply Bambi, is a rising star hailing from Mississippi. Her stage name dates back to 2019 when a special person dedicated the song "Bambi" to her, marking the start of her journey as Bambi. Embracing the spiritual notion that God, or "Gawd," is an energy within us all, she created the moniker Gawd Bambi, symbolizing the powerful fusion of divine energy and her unique persona. Bambi's roots run deep in McComb, Mississippi, where she was born and spent most of her formative years. Her early life saw her moving through various locales, including a stint in Forrest, Mississippi, from fifth to eighth grade, before she returned to McComb to graduate from McComb High School. This diverse upbringing has given her the experiences that reflect in her music.

Unconstrained by the limitations of a single genre, Gawd Bambi primarily identifies with rap but is keen on exploring a plethora of styles, including country and rock. Her music is a testament to her refusal to be placed in a box. She allows herself to continually push herself to experiment and evolve. This genre-fluid approach is inspired by a roster of eclectic artists such as Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, Flo Milli, Reyna Roberts, Tanner Adell, and Shaboozey. Their unique blends of hip-hop, pop, and country fuel Bambi's ambition to carve out her own niche in the music industry.

Bambi's latest release, "Ratchet Type," featuring ScoopD1, captures the essence of raw, unfiltered fun. The song's title might evoke preconceived notions of negativity, but for Bambi, "ratchet" is synonymous with authenticity and the track is a celebration of women who love to have fun. The making of "Ratchet Type" was perfect harmony regarding the song's vibe. Bambi crafted her verse with dope energy, which ScoopD1 mirrored effortlessly, resulting in a track that showcases their complementary styles. Despite the logistical challenge of coordinating around ScoopD1's work schedule, the duo's dedication shines through in the final product.

Upon first hearing the beat, Bambi knew she had a summer anthem on her hands. The studio atmosphere during the recording sessions was electric. "Ratchet Type" is designed to be an anthem for women everywhere, encouraging them to embrace their inner fun and let loose. Bambi envisions her audience turning up at red lights and hopping out of their cars to dance, making it one of those unforgettable songs that define a season.



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