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A Look Back At The Best Celebrity April Fool’s Pranks

Image: A Look Back At The Best Celebrity April Fool’s Pranks

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Throughout the social media era, celebrities have found glee in pranking the public and their fans on April Fool's Day. In honor of this day of fun and games, check out a list of pranks that various celebs have fooled their fan bases with in the past.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Announces New Musical

This year, Lin-Manuel Miranda excited fans by posting to Twitter that he decided to create a new musical around the cult-classic film, The Room. He followed up about 20 minutes later to inform fans that it was just a joke.

Joe Jonas and Hailee Steinfeld expecting a baby

In 2015, Joe Jonas made a Twitter post that included what appeared to be an image of a sonogram. He tagged Hailee Steinfeld in the picture and said that the pair was expecting their first child.

Gigi Hadid’s Haircut

Last year, Gigi Hadid posted a photo to Instagram in which her hair appeared a fraction of its length. Somehow the model managed to hide her long hair and pose for the pixie-cut picture.

Tom Brady Cast

In 2015, football star Tom Brady, posted a photo of himself in a full body cast. He appeared to be lying in a hospital bed and even had signatures on the cast. Fortunately for fans, he was unharmed and ready to play.

Michael Phelps Comeback

Last year, swimmer Michael Phelps, made a Twitter post in which he announced that he would be competing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.