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Rapper AKS talks about the sacrifices he makes for his son on 'Parity'

Image: Rapper AKS talks about the sacrifices he makes for his son on 'Parity'

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Every generation of parents has one hope that towers above all others. They want their children to have opportunities they didn't have while also avoiding the struggles they confronted. That's why parents work so hard and sacrifice so much while also worrying that all the overtime they work to make life more materially comfortable comes at the expense of something else.

That's also true for artists like British rapper and producer AKS, who poignantly expresses those desires and dilemmas that connect parents across generations on his latest song "Parity." The lyricsm on "Parity" is on point as AKS reminds listeners that what Black parents raising children in this world just want their children have the same opportunities as all children.

The message is powerful and the producer AKS puts together an overall package meshing lyric and muisical arrangement that ensures that the listener hears that message. He infuses the track with live instrumentation featuring type flight musicians guitarist Adrian Remedy (Ed Sheeran), bass player Benjamin Muralt (Ledisi, Ill Camille, Pixie Lott) and keyboardist Charlie Stacey (Yussef Dayes).

Those players give the track and understated swing that takes "Parity" to that place were jazz and hip-hop have a meaningful conversation. Talking about "Parity," AKS notes that:

 “the song is about purpose really. The notion that we do the best we can for our kids so that their starting point in life is beyond where ours was. I’m sure that was also our parent’s aim, and in that from generation to generation, there’s a sense of commonality in that. Parity. I wanted to explore generational differences – both the things that separate us from the generations that came before us, and those points of commonality that unite us. Like, wanting the best for your kids is universal right?”

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