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Nezsa tells an unfaithful lover that he has a date with karma on 'Trouble'

Image: Nezsa tells an unfaithful lover that he has a date with karma on 'Trouble'

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Nesza brings that kind of intensity and honesty to "Trouble" her latest single that comes from lived experience. Fresh off the successful release of "Break," her most recent single that earned more than 100,000 online plays, earning high praise from Apple Music’s ‘New Music Daily’ and ‘R&B Now’, and Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’ and ‘Mood Ring," the Canadian based Nigerian vocalist brings simmering intensity to a cut that finds her telling an unfaithful ex that she's done with his dysfunctions and disloyalty, but that the consequences of his evil ways may not be done with him.

The track finds Nezsa building on her penchant for fusing alt R&B, neo soul, her melodic vocals and first rate lyricism into an infectious and memorable musical stew. Nesza talks about "Trouble" and the inspiration behind the tune.

‘Trouble’ came to me so naturally. Gbeduboss sent me the beat and I was immediately enthralled by the heavy baseline and overall dark vibe. The story is inspired by some of my own experiences, but it’s also dedicated ‘To All the Heartbreakers’, just as the EP is named. It’s a very empowering song because it’s about standing up to those who’ve hurt you and reclaiming your agency, finally showing them that you’re not weak. In a way, it’s dark because it seems to celebrate revenge, but I think that functions as a therapeutic form of expression in showing myself and also my listeners the extent of our capabilities”.