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London based singer Kemi Sulola poses a relatable question on sparkling single If

Image: London based singer Kemi Sulola poses a relatable question on sparkling single If

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Kemi Sulola knows that it's possible to experience two emotions that conflict. A person can be both confident and unsure, and she eloquently expresses that class of assurance and insecurity on her new single "If."

Our self assured and unsure selves are often on display when the confidence in which we do our jobs is juxtaposed with uncertanity we feel in our relationships with other people - particularly when it comes to romantic relationships.

We are often more than willing to depend on ourselves to complete any task and meet any challenge in our professional lives because that's often all about us. We need assurances when it comes to engaging in a relationship because we need to trust and give ourselves emotionally to someone else. And when that ends bad, you can be rocked to the core.

Sulola captures this reality on "If," and the track fuses an absolutely infectious melody with some relatable lyrics where Sulola asks her partner as series of questions that begin with the word If. These are the kind of questions anyone would want to know before jumping into a serious relationship, and with the vehicle of Sulola's sweet vocal instrument, the the listener digests these questions with ease.

The release of "If" comes as the singer/songwriter seeks to create buzz around upcoming projects, such as "Room 3," which is due to drop in 2022.

Sulola explains the inspiration behind this relatable tune:

“The song is about a lady who is usually very sure of herself except for when it comes to love. To me, ‘IF’ is a song that speaks for people who may feel insecure about their lover or ultimately themselves. It questions if the one we need to be there for us in our hardest times would really be there. I suppose it was written in reflection of a time when I was in need and wondered the same. Essentially without saying the word, ‘IF’ inspires me to think about love and what the true meaning of it is”.


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