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[PREMIERE] SMKRSROOM Releases Surprise Single and Compelling Video For "St. Elmo's Fire"

Image: [PREMIERE] SMKRSROOM Releases Surprise Single and Compelling Video For "St. Elmo's Fire"

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SMKRSROOM (pronounced Smoker's Room) aka SMK ("Smoke"), premieres his visual for his new single "St Elmos Fire"! The music video captures a story from the narrator's perspective, in which SMK attempts to find joy in his current relationship, while he truthfully feels unfulfilled, due to memories and flashbacks of an old one. SMK attempts to distract himself with his new lover, but remains cynical, heartbroken, and not fully present. Longing to replicate something from a movie, he carries a camera to live through the lens, like in the movies that mesmerize him.

The record takes us on a journey of escapism, where SMK uses his lifestyle of spontaneous adventures to distract from his unresolved emotions for his lover. He compares his lifestyle to the stories in popular culture cinema, such as films by directors Tarantino and Spike Lee (Jungle Fever) and other Cult Classics, hence the record title "St Elmos Fire". SMK alludes to bringing those cinema fantasies to life and how he lives in a waking dream -- He is enthralled by idea of fame and fortune -- the women, cars, trips around the world, and everything that comes with that lifestyle.

The song title "St. Elmo's Fire" also references the weather phenomena when the lighting color changes to purple-ish/blue -- the space where SMK gets into a strange mind space and explores other sides of himself.


Smkrsroom, a R&B/Hip-Hop introvert, undeniably wears his heart on his sleeve when he puts pen to paper. The name ("Smokers Room", SMK for short) allows the man behind the work to live behind the smoke screen, which warrants creative freedom for him to be, write, and live in an un-judged, open space. SMK wrote his first song at the age of 5, influenced by his Cape Verdean father's pursuit of music and further expanded his horizons after moving to Orlando, FL. In Orlando, he has since written for local and known industry artists, as well as himself. 

SMK developed a knack for writing stories that show honesty, empathy and heart, inspired by artists such as James Fauntleroy, Miguel, Coldplay and Babyface. Now living in Los Angeles, CA, his indie influence continues to grow as he explores his evolved sound.

SMK has performed across the United States, including at Supr Music Festival, Soundbar, & The Social in Orlando, FL, as well as The Viper Room in Los Angeles, CA. 

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