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SayFlex - Flexing

Image: SayFlex - Flexing

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While only in the industry for a short time the SayFlex's skills as a singer, songwriter, and lyricist have become unmatched, definitely pegging him as an artist to watch out for. If asked, the Long Island native  would compare his musical flair to a calm mix between the lyrical the complexity of "808s and heartbreaks, Kanye" and the witty lyrical alteration of Drake, while still managing to incorporate his own style to his music. His unique tone has definitely been on display in his hit single  "Automatic" and his debut album "A Ride With Flex 2" which gained enormous attention since their

For Flex, creating music is more about pushing himself out of his comfort zone and creating the highest possible quality of work the industry has seen. In short, a major goal for Flex is to elevate himself as well as elevate the state of today's hip-hop subsequently creating a movement that restores New York to its former glory as a hub for emerging talent. In addition, he hopes to make it a point to teach others like him that they too can beat the odds and FLEX.

Check out his latest video "Flexing" below:

IG & Twitter: @SayFlex