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Falana's Rising EP is filled with empowering anthems and the realities faced by women worldwide

Image: Falana's Rising EP is filled with empowering anthems and the realities faced by women worldwide

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Nigerian-Canadian artist Falana is a global traveler who has stopped in many nations since dropping her 2019 EP "Chapter One." Each stop has increased the wisdom possessed by this citizen of the world as she drew knowledge from stops in Nigeria, Canada, Denmark, Cuba and the United States. Everything that Falana absorbed went into "Rising," her highly anticipated and very good sophomore project that consist of six orginal tracks and a heartfelt cover of the Rose Royce classic "Wishing on a Star."

Falana, emotive vocals and the powerful lyrcial content of the tracks on "Rising" takes Afrobeat to a higher level. The songs address the personal and the political and all feature melodies and beats that will keep heads bopping even as Falana seeks to elevate the thinking of her listeners.

Her sweet but poweful vocals paired with the infectious beats make the project's themes do down easy. "Sweet Adetola" is a powerful story of the choices the world's exploitative system forces women to make, while the joyous "Electric Lady" celebrates the strength, intelligence and beauty of women across the world as Falana urges them to maintain opitimism in a world bent on breaking them.


"Paper Planes" recognizes the importance of having someone by your side who has your back no matter where life takes you, while the bouncy "Energy" posseses an arrangement that is the perfect expression of the song's title. The lyrics tell the understanding and appreciating the fact that each person possesses things like love that cannot be taken away.

Falana said that she is beginning to reap the creative dividends of years of traveling and learning about the world and herself.

“It’s funny how things fall together slowly and then all at once. I feel like I’ve really found my voice. And I think once an artist finds their voice, they become unstoppable. I am really excited about the artist I am becoming, and I never want to stop evolving."





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