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Cilla Raie hits that 90s vibe on the banger Motives

Image: Cilla Raie hits that 90s vibe on the banger Motives

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UK based singer and songwriter Cilla Raie draws her inspiration from some of the iconic vocalists from 1990s era R&B. We're talking about Aaliyah, Mya, Brandy and Toni Braxton. Those vocalists crossed those old school vocal chops with that hip-hop brashness and swagger and created created a sound that was distinct from its previous musical eras even as it drew from what was best about the sounds that came before.

Cilla Raie brings that same kind of vibe to her new club banger "Motives." She says that song that tells the story of a young woman who has a strong attraction to a brotha who doesn't seem the mind getting attention from her and other sisters on the block. "Motives," according to Cilla Raie has a deeper message of self-love and looking beyond surface and smooth words to discern a person's true intent.

Cilla Raie may be young, but her vocal and confidence reveals a professionalism that is well beyond her age. She started recording music when she was 14 and released her self-titled EP in 2014. Cilla Raie stayed active throughout the crisis filled year of 2020, dropping her single "Ain't No One," a track that earned her recognition in the industry and got more than 19,000 streams on Spotify, and she look grow and advance with the release of "Motives."



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