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Chicago Artist LucKey Drops 'Only Way Is Up' Album

Image: Chicago Artist LucKey Drops 'Only Way Is Up' Album

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Here's LucKey, a hip hop/R&B artist from the west side of Chicago (L-Town, to be more specific). LucKey fell in love with music at an early age as his upbringing exposed him to all genres of music from rap, gospel, county, opera, and literally everything else. LucKey wrote his first song in 4th grade about a girl he had a crush on - sadly he didn't get the girl, but found his love for creating music. 

LucKey's music is inspired by the trails and tribulations he's faced in life. From growing up in a single mother household, experiencing my step dad, uncle, and host of other family and friends being murdered, to escaping the statistics and earning his bachelor's degree at a Prestigious Private liberal arts school only to come back home to Chicago to teach, coach basketball, and commit himself to giving back to the people who look like him to better there chances in life. 

He's just released his debut album "Only Way Is Up."


"I'm influenced by your everyday hard working person around the world trying to survive and take care of those they love. From raw raps to relaxing R&B, I can cover ever vibe there is," he states. 

Check out LucKey's project below:

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