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Taylor Swift Releases New Music Video for Single, ‘Delicate’

Image: Taylor Swift Releases New Music Video for Single, ‘Delicate’

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Pop star Taylor Swift released her latest music video at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, and it is already trending at number one on multiple streaming platforms internationally.

“Delicate” is the latest single from her album, “Reputation” and features an upbeat pop tune with a fun yet sultry style. The music video appropriately reflects the song’s overall aura, as Swift leads a number of dance sequences through a hotel, subway station, and the rain.

Joseph Kahn directed and video and has praised Swift’s personal involvement. “Everything we do is completely collaborative. I’ve always said on a certain level, she’s almost co-director of these videos,” he said.

Within the first day of being published, “Delicate” earned approximately 10 million hits on YouTube.

View “Delicate” below: