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Customer Complaints Prompt Zendaya to Drop Clothing Line

Image: Customer Complaints Prompt Zendaya to Drop Clothing Line

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Zendaya’s clothing line, Daya by Zendaya, thrilled fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. With its gender-neutral apparel and inclusive sizing, the clothing line became one of the most popular celebrity-sponsored fashion companies. But customers have found themselves distraught over the company’s inability to fulfill orders and respond to client concerns.

Twitter has erupted with complaints involving a dysfunctional website, lack of service responsiveness and outright failure to deliver clothing. As a result, on Thursday, Zendaya released a statement in which she severed all ties with the company. “I am no longer affiliated with the company that was operating [Daya by Zendaya],” she said.

Zendaya continued to state that she would personally work to resolve all outstanding customer disputes. She provided a personal email (dayaxzendaya@gmail.com) that clients can use to contact her regarding any customer service issues.