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Celebrities Taking Fashion Hints From Meghan Markle

Image: Celebrities Taking Fashion Hints From Meghan Markle

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The “Meghan effect” as it has been termed has already influenced an influx of business for countless retailers around the globe, but now it is even sweeping Hollywood.

Markle recently appeared for a photo shoot at Kensington Palace with her fiancé, Prince Harry. The soon-to-be royal donned a white wrap coat from Canadian retailer Line the Label, and the stunning style went viral.

Within little time following the public appearance, Line the Lable’s website crashed as people swarmed to purchase the coat. Once the site went live again, people around the global, including celebrities, have purchased the identical coat.

Stars taking up Markle’s style have included Reese Witherspoon, who boasted a long white wrap on Good Morning America and Black Panther star Danai Gurira. Heidi Klum was also spotted in a similar coat at LAX airport.